Red Bull Proving Grounds: MTLSF Underground Hype – June 3rd

Red Bull Proving Grounds – MTLSF Underground Hype – June 3rd

Current Points Standings:

MTLSF UnderGround Hype, the final in a three part Spring circuit of Ranking Battles in the expanded Red Bull Proving Grounds series.

This will be a one day event run by the MTLSF Team. Currently there will also be a Side Tournament of GGXRD:Rev as well as BB:CF Run by the MTL Airdashers crew. MTLSF will also be running a side UMVC3 Tournament.

DATE: Saturday June 3rd


Tatsumaki Tuesdays New champ?

Montreal has a new champion! For 2 weeks in a row, Richard “Snafoo” Tuok is the MTLSF Weekly Tatsumaki Tuesday Champion besting back to back Canadian Cineplex World Gaming champ Henri “Chi-Rithy” Oung. He previously won 3-1 in winners finals and 3-0 in grand finals at Tatsu Round 5 and this week he proved it wasn’t a fluke by winning with a score of 3-0 and 3-2. The grand finals match turned out to be a lot closer. He was able to get the lead with a score of 2-1 but wasn’t able to reset the bracket. Snafoo defended the break point and won the match 3-2.


Tatsumaki Tuesday May 24th 2016

Another week of MTLSF –  Tatsumaki Tuesday Round 3 @MVA May 24th 2016.


Once again, a  packed weekly with 30 entrants and different outcome. This time, we have a real streaming debut, no sound de-syncs and good image quality! Check out the archives on the MTLSF Twitch Channel .

Henri Chi-Rithy Oung took again first place, second by Snafoo who fought a very tight match that ended 3-2 and third placer Yomi.


Top 8 Results:

1- Henri “Chi-Rithy” Oung

2- Richard “Snafoo” Tuok

3- Drea “Yomi” Brown

4- Rami Rammal

5- Tied: Stephane “Kiras” Norng and Le Minh-Hoang “Paco”

7- Tied: Le Minh-Hoang “Maoi” and Shakil “Bootsy”


Tatsumaki Tuesday May 17th 2016

Last night’s MTLSF weekly Tatsumaki Tuesday #2, turned out to be another success with a total of 31 entrants. We finally debuted streaming through The quality of the stream is still under testing, but we will make sure to have every ready for next week.

The top 3

  • 1 Henri “Chi-Rithy” Oung (Chun-Li)
  • 2 Rami “Rami” Rammal (Rashid, Ryu)
  • 3 Stephane “Kiras” Norng (Ken, Nash)

For full results: