Tatsumaki Tuesday May 17th 2016

Last night’s MTLSF weekly Tatsumaki Tuesday #2, turned out to be another success with a total of 31 entrants. We finally debuted streaming through www.twitch.tv/mtlsf. The quality of the stream is still under testing, but we will make sure to have every ready for next week.

The top 3

  • 1 Henri “Chi-Rithy” Oung (Chun-Li)
  • 2 Rami “Rami” Rammal (Rashid, Ryu)
  • 3 Stephane “Kiras” Norng (Ken, Nash)

For full results: http://challonge.com/Tatsumakituesday2

Added a few pictures:

IMG_20160517_224951 IMG_20160517_225004 IMG_20160517_225011 IMG_20160517_225017 IMG_20160517_225038