Tatsumaki Tuesday May 24th 2016

Another week of MTLSF –  Tatsumaki Tuesday Round 3 @MVA May 24th 2016.


Once again, a  packed weekly with 30 entrants and different outcome. This time, we have a real streaming debut, no sound de-syncs and good image quality! Check out the archives on the MTLSF Twitch Channel .

Henri Chi-Rithy Oung took again first place, second by Snafoo who fought a very tight match that ended 3-2 and third placer Yomi.


Top 8 Results:

1- Henri “Chi-Rithy” Oung

2- Richard “Snafoo” Tuok

3- Drea “Yomi” Brown

4- Rami Rammal

5- Tied: Stephane “Kiras” Norng and Le Minh-Hoang “Paco”

7- Tied: Le Minh-Hoang “Maoi” and Shakil “Bootsy”


Full results: http://challonge.com/tatsumakituesday3



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