USF4 Revival for Tatsumaki Tuesdays @MVA

From this weeks pool, USF4 will be added as a side tourney to our weeklies. Therefore, SFV still remains the main game, and we need to train our MTLSF Red Bull team: Henri “Chi-Rithy” Oung, TRichard “Snafoo” Tuok and Reginald “FluxWavez” Perodin. We could possibly do a Kumite or a special training regiment for them. So for next week, I invite all SFV players to come beat their asses.

As for USF4, if we get enough players, we could do a 2 or 3$ tourney. For new players, we can get a little bootcamp/coaching from SF4 veterans.

Since the drop in popularity with SFV and the release of many cool new games, we plan to makeTatsumaki Tuesdays great again by having all classic SF games (3S, ST, CVS2, SFXT, USF4 and etc…) We mainly want everyone to just come and have fun. Also mystery fighting games side tourneys could happen. And again, we can always play any other fighting games (GGxrd, tekken 7 and other).

If you guys having any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.